Hello! This is a blog about doing well at exams. It’ll look at past papers in detail and talk about how to plan good answers.

A lot of early content will be specifically focused on Edexcel iGCSE science and OCR A-level biology, but it will extend to other areas as soon as possible, and much of this blog will be useful to anyone doing any course.

To be clear, this blog is not written by working schoolteachers. But it is written with a lot of knowledge of current UK science exams, and a deep interest in helping people do well. It will give references, examples, citations and even what page numbers to look at in your textbook, and you’ll see where its facts come from.

A further apology: this blog is still being set up. Many of its articles are not quite finished, and images and diagrams are yet to be added. But we’ll get there.


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